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The Vesalius Census is not over. We are still on the lookout for new copies of the Fabrica. We are posting new entries on this page to update the catalogue of our books. The catalogue numbers follow the system used in our book. 


Bibliothèque municipale d’Angers
Call No.:
Rés SA 2570

We now have further information on the early owners and annotator of this volume, thanks to the researches of Marc Edouard Gautier at the Bibliothèque municipale d’Angers. 

Provenance: Probably the Angers physician Pierre Piau I, called Piculus (MD Angers 1554, d. 1598); his son, the Angers physician Pierre Piau II (MD Angers 1590, d. 1616), whose library is probably donated to the Carmelite convent of Angers, where he was buried; enters the current collection during the revolutionary confiscations in the 1790s. Possessor’s note “Carmes / Dangers” on frontispiece and on p. 353; oval stamp of “Bibliothèque d’Angers” from before 1860; old shelfmark “O.2/1” on pastedown; rectan- gular stamp of “Bibliothèque de la ville d’Angers” on p. 61 and Mm7v.

Annotations: Either Pierre Piau I or Pierre Piau II, who also annotates a copy De vera mensurarum ponderumque ratione opus, also preserved at Angers (Res. SA 1117). Correction of erroneous pagination in an old hand. On pp. 238, 240, 242, 244, 246, 247, 248, 249, 251, 254, 258, references added to Galen, primarily to De usu partium, including chapter numbers; on p. 462[262], word “adductor” added; on p. 263, reference to Galen incl. chapter number; on p. 264, name of muscle added; on p. 265, names of muscles added; on pp. 274, 276, 277, 281, reference added to Galen, incl. chapter number; on p. 289, reference added and number of intercostal muscles corrected, then crossed out; on p. 309, word added in text; on pp, 310, 311, 312, names of the muscles added on the margin, e.g. “adductor pollicis inf.”; on p. 233[333], word “quintus” added; on p. 264[364], underlining and reference to Galen; on p. 275[375], phrase “in Gal.” added; on p. 281[381], summary note; on p. 320[420], character “N” crossed out and replaced with “O”, and new description for character “N” added; on p. 329[429], numbers added on the margin; on p. 350[450], correction of text; on p. 494, correction of text; on p. 523, underlinings; on p. 622, references added to Galen with chapter numbers; on p. 623, summary note added; on p. 625, note “in Gal.”; on p. 654, reference added to Galen.


Bibliothèque municipale d’Angers
Call No.:
Rés SA 2570 bis

This copy is now available online. 


Keio University
Call No.:

Physical Description: A repaired copy with some wear and tear. Bifolium inserts present after pp. 312[412] and 352[452], bound sideways by the foot and folded, m3 sheet present after vascular insert.

Binding: A rebound volume, edges painted red.

Provenance: Unknown. Faded and illegible possessor's note at the bottom of frontispiece.

Annotations: An early reader, writing in ink, primarily interested in semen and the movements of the ear. On p. 141, where it is discussed that some people can move their ears, underlining and note of personal observation, "dum sequitur; et quando [...] placet mouet aures. [...] ego saepe ac saepius vidi."; on p. 326[426], potentially insignificant marginal mark; on p. 341[441], potentially insignificant marginal mark; on p. 493, summary notes and underlinings in the section on the use of the nerves' ventricles; on p. 512, manicule where the testicle's wrappings are discussed; on p. 525, manicule where it is discussed where semen is produced; on p. 526, manicule in the section "Glandosi corporis uesicae collo adnati usus".

Censorship: Name of Oporinus crossed out on *5r.

Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Santé
Call No.:

No further information available at the moment.

Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Santé
Call No.:

No further information available at the moment.

1543 Auction Copies


Provenance: Now available from Antiquariat Inlibris Gilhofer Nfg


A complete copy currently on sale at Raptis Rare Books

1543 PRIVATE Copies

Physical Description: A complete copy.

Binding: Unknown.

Provenance: Unknown. Currently in the USA.

Annotations: None.

1555 PRIVATE Copies


This volume is not in Canada at the moment. 


We have new information about the former owners Stephanus Steick and Anton Roth, thanks to Dr. Annelen Otterman at the Wissenschaftliche Stadtbibliothek in Mainz. 

Provenance: The Frankfurt physician Peter Uffenbach (1566–1635); the Mainz physician Stephanus Steick, who studies there in 1567 and becomes rector of the university in 1584/1585; the Mainz professor and town physician Franz Anton Rhodius (b. 1706, MD Strasbourg); sold in 2008 by Ketterer Kunst at Sale 348 Lot 333 (Nov. 17–18, Hamburg); sold to current owner by Meda Riquier Rare Books in 2014. Inscription of Uffenbach on frontispiece “sum Petri Uffenbachii Francofurtani”; note “Ad usum Stephani Steick Moguntini” on frontispiece; ex-libris of Anton Roth; ex-libris depicting a lobster, with no text, on back pastedown.


Physical Description: A complete copy with minor staining. Bifolium inserts present, bound sideways by the foot and folded once.

Binding: Modern, blind-stamped calfskin with decorations.

Provenance: A certain Astruc, potentially the eighteenth-century Parisian artist Zacharie Astruc (1684-1866), sold at a sale after his death. Currently in Canada. Note “acheté à la vente de feu Mr. Astruc […] Conseiller”.

Annotations: Unknown.


A copy currently in Switzerland.