The Vesalius Census

Digital Fabricas

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Do you want to check out the Fabrica but there are no copies in your library? There are a good number of digital copies available, we have found 20 digital versions of the 1543 edition, and 10 digitals versions of the 1555 edition. Here is the list, with catalogue numbers of the Fabricas from our census. 

I/4.   A sparsely annotated 1543 edition from the Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrick Conscience in Antwerp.

I/7.   The bibliophile Charles van Hulthem's 1543 edition from the Royal Library of Belgium.

I/8.   The alchemist Johannes Jacob Wocker's richly annotated 1543 edition, from Ghent.

I/9.   Romeo Fusari's 1543 edition from São Paulo, the link does not always work. 

I/21.   The Lobkowitz princes' richly annotated 1543 edition, from the National Library in Prague.

I/25.  Pierre Piau's annotated copy from the Bibliothèque municipale d’Angers. 

I/26.  Another annotated, extra-illustrated copy, once owned by René Rabault, from the Bibliothèque municipale d’Angers.

I/29.   A 1543 edition with lots of underlinings, from Bourg en Bresse. 

I/32.   A 1543 edition with some gorgeously hand-colored initials, from Montpellier. 

I/34.   Louis II de Bourbon's 1543 edition, from Paris. 

I/46.   Hermann von Vierordt's 1543 edition with corrected pagination, from Strasbourg. 

I/49.   A clean 1543 edition with a marginal line on p. 195, from the Centre d'Etudes supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours. 

I/63.   A systematically annotated 1543 edition, from Halle. 

I/65.  The 1543 edition of Elector Johann Friedrich I of Saxony, nowadays in Jena. 

I/120.  A pedantically corrected 1543 edition, from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. 

I/123.   A 1543 edition in Mexico since the seventeenth century, from the Biblioteca Palafoxiana. The whole copy is online, not just the first third!

I/130.   A sporadically annotated 1543 edition with an interest in menstrual flows, from Utrecht. 

I/144.   An annotated and censored 1543 edition, from Madrid.  

I/148.   A systematically annotated 1543 edition, censored in the seventeenth century, from Zaragoza. 

I/153.   A beautifully hand-colored 1543 edition, with a few annotations here and there, from the Universitätsbibliothek Basel. 

I/230.   The Florentine Jacopo Marchesetti's 1543 edition, now at the Linda Hall Library. 

I/231.   Sir William Stirling Maxwell's annotated 1543 edition, now at the Getty. 

II/45.    A sporadically annotated 1555 edition, from Paris. 

II/59.   A rare 1555 edition that returned to Europe from the USA, from Strasbourg. 

II/63.   A censored, Jesuit 1555 edition, in Augsburg. 

II/79.   Samuel Stryk's 1555 edition, with highlighted characters in the illustrations, from Halle. 

II/88.   A clean 1555 edition with unknown provenance, from Kiel. Warning: a large file. 

II/98.   A 1555 edition from the library of the Bavarian dukes, still in Munich. 

II/190.   A 1555 edition with some annotations, once in Chełmno, and now in Torun.

II/215.   Joshua Smarfett's 1555 edition, with numerous corrections of typos, now in Mahón. 

II/238.  A damaged 1555 edition with some annotations, using ink in two colors, from the Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel.

II/293.   An annotated 1555 edition with crying skeleton men, from the Boston Public Library.